No Man’s Land « No Way Back Home » review on American Oi! webzine

No Man’s Land – No Way Back Home

Aggrobeat / Rusty Knife

In 2012 Aggrobeat already treated us with a 27-track ‘Best Of’ disc containing re-recorded songs previously only available on cassette and last year both the label celebrated the band in question its 20th anniversary with two split EP’s. One with The Young’s Boot and the other one with Surgery Without Research, but the cherry on top of the band’s birthday cake is the release of the brand new album “No Way Back Home”. Of course I am talking about No Man’s Land, one of Indonesia’s first and longest running Oi! bands!

Unfortunately I am not too familiar with No Man’s Land’s older releases as I got introduced to them through the “Oi! Made In Indonesia” compilation and the earlier mentioned “Best Of 1994 – 2012” CD, but immediately I felt for the band’s sound, a sound that has evolved even more on “No Way Back Home”. Though I am not 100% sure, but I believe that vocalist / guitarist and founding member Didit gathered a whole new band after 2012’s “Scattered Around And Buried” CD and whether it’s true or not, the music is still so powerful and filled with youthful energy, even after 20 years of struggle. Something you might not expect.

So even if I don’t know all previous releases (although I got a taste of it through the ‘Best Of’ album), I can definitely say that “No Way Back Home” is No Man’s Land best record to date and that these guys truly are the flag carriers of the Indonesian Oi! scene. There is so much power in this album, every pound on the drum kit is a knock-out, the guitar riffs and solos are sublime, the sing-alongs are extremely catchy and give you the feeling there’s a whole crowd singing along. This while Didit vocals are gritty, raw and got a bite to it for the perfect contradiction, fuckin’ love it!

I could point out a few songs as an example, but literally every song on “No Way Back Home” is build up like that, but with so much energy, melody and strength into them you won’t get bored one second!

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