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Rusty Knife is back with another Oi! It’s A World Invasion. Volume 3 brings us two bands, The Boldness is a sing-a-long Oi! band from Bali and Ultima Classe is a Street Punk band from Brazil.
The Boldness starts the record off with nine melodic guitar driven sing-a-long songs. All nine songs are executed well and will for sure please fans of Booze And Glory. The Song « Time For Glory » stood out to me with it’s Social Distortion guitar sound and mid tempo rock beat. While most of The Boldness lyrics are about being skinhead, Football, and such this song strikes a chord of bitter sweet contemplation. Fans of The Generators will fucking love this song.
The band also breaks the mold on the haunting acoustic  « Denpasar Skinhead Legion« . This song has dark folk feel to it that works well with the stark vocals.  As good as these songs sound I have one major issue with The Boldness songs. Excluding a few exceptions they really are not saying anything. I love songs about being a skinhead but, I want to know why? I love songs about brotherhood and having a good time, but explain why we band together. These guys are from a part of the world I have never been too and they did not tell me anything about Bali. I know they are Anti Racist and I love that, but Oi! is about having a say. So please say something! Something to make me think, or piss me off or something that shakes me to my bones.
Ultima Classe is from Brazil and they scorch their side of the album with stomping beats and driving guitars that are as hot as they are melodic. The band sings all their songs in their native tongue so I have no idea what hey are saying but music is a language that transcends all borders and cultural boundaries. So I may not understand the words but the passion and feel comes out of my speakers in fucking spades!
With seven songs that beat the fuck out of many of the slick overly poppy street punk bands of today. Ultima Classe has that great mix of melody with a heavy powered sound. « Menos Igreja » and « Seus Valores » are great examples of how punk rock is not dead and when done with heart is still as vital today as it has ever been!.  I can not say a bad thing about any of the Ultima Classe songs they reminded me that there is still a lot of value and power in street punk. I can not talk enough about how the band puts so much passion and heart in too every song. As I stated before I do not understand the words but I fucking understand the bands passion.
Do it right and support labels like Rusty knife  Records that put out records of this quality and support bands from around the world. That we as fans would not know about if it was not for records like this one.  Strong release with two new bands. Ultima Classe proved on this record they are a band to watch!

For fans of: Generation 69, The Forgotten, Roots & Boots, Sniper 66, A.C.A.B., Anger Flares, The Offical, and Lower Class Brats.

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